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Deer Valley Rita 4376 x SAV Rennovation IVF

Sire's Registration Number : 18579309

Dam's Registration Number : 17873731


QTY available: 3

Embryos Type: IVF

Semen Type: Conventional

Ships From: TransOva Iowa

Handling Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

Return Policy: This product is covered under our Quality Guarantee Policy. Buyers must submit claims within 24 hours of delivery.

This product can be exported to the following countries : United States




3 IVF Embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if installed by a certified technician.

This powerful Traction daughter stems from the legendary calving ease donor GAR Objective 2345.  Combining depth and width in a feminine package and stacked with an impressive EPD profile.  Progeny ratios of BW 5@94, WR 5@108, YR 3@106.  Mated to SAV Rennovation 6822 the phenotypic standout who is considered to be one of the best Renown sons in the industry.

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