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Montana Blackcap 7070 x Montana Judgement 1038

Sold by: Sherman Angus

Sire´s Registration Number: 20193391

Dam´s Registration Number: 18797042


  • Ships From: TransOva Iowa

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  • Embryos Type: IVF

  • Semen Type: Conventional

  • Handling Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

  • Return Policy: This product is covered under our Quality Guarantee Policy. Buyers must submit claims within 24 hours of delivery.


I had a very successful flush out of Montana Blackcap 7070. She was flushed to the $180,000 1/2 interest bull Montana Judgement 1038, which is a very wide based and heavily muscled bull. I will be selling embryos in packages of 3 with a guaranteed pregnancy of 1, or packages of 6 with a guaranteed pregnancy of 2.