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Listing a product is absolutely FREE, with no quantity limits or minimums. After the buyer purchases your product, we withhold a small 10% fee (15% for international transactions) to cover all selling expenses, including the credit card transaction fee. We encourage sellers to consider this expense when determining a listing price.

We encourage everyone to list any quantity of your product, as little as 1 straw of valuable semen, or to use GENEBROKERS as the marketing avenue to promote your next great herd bull, selling thousands of units. We also encourage you to use our platform as your go-to for embryo sales as it allows you to market your different matings to a large audience in one convenient location.

Traditional ways of marketing genetics include private treaty sales, lease agreements with marketing companies, and outright sales of live animals to be collected in a stud, and marketed through sales reps. While we do not discourage anyone from pursuing any of those avenues, our system effectively reduces overhead associated with marketing and selling genetics, leaving more money in your pocket. Our platform connects buyers and sellers, ensures a safe and secure transaction for both parties, expands your reach compared to normal private treaty sales, and removes any insecurities of receiving payment. As a seller, you will receive payment before you are required to ship any product.

We try to make this process as easy as possible for both the buyer and seller. With that being said, we advise you to treat your listings as a storefront, as buyers will be browsing your listings at all times of the day and night. It is critical for sellers to maintain good records, especially regarding inventory levels. We have created safeties in our system to help warn you of low inventory levels on all products, and as effective as they are, we cannot control what you sell outside of our marketplace. For example, if you list 500 units of Bull A on our marketplace, but sell 200 units private treaty to your neighbor, it is of utmost importance that you update your inventory on GENEBROKERS to account for the 200 units that are no longer available to sell online. You can do this through the “Edit Product” link on your seller Dashboard. You can also send your neighbor a link of your listing and encourage him to pay online before you deliver the semen. This eliminates the need for you to try to collect money from your neighbor after you’ve delivered the units. Also, in order to sell as much product as possible, if your bull is in a stud being collected regularly, we strongly encourage you to update inventory as necessary to reflect how many units are currently available.

All sellers are responsible for updating inventory levels as needed. Therefore, when a buyer purchases units that are no longer available to sell, the seller will need to work with GENEBROKERS immediately to ensure the buyer receives a full refund for the purchase. The seller’s account will then be put on hold until a $25 penalty is paid to reinstate the account.

The seller guarantees the buyer will receive the correct number of units in good, usable condition until 24 hours after the product is delivered. As soon as the product is delivered, the buyer has 24 hours to report any issues with the shipment or product, for example, whether or not the correct quantity is in the shipper or whether the quality has been damaged prior to arrival. We encourage sellers to take extra precautions when shipping products over the weekend or during holidays. We also encourage buyers to communicate with sellers when they need their units delivered by, so the seller can make proper shipping arrangements. Sellers are responsible for purchasing third party shipping insurance if desired. Buyers are encouraged to open and unpack the product immediately after delivery in order to report any discrepancies to the seller within the 24 hour window.

Sellers are responsible for delivering the correct product to the buyer. If a buyer receives an incorrect product, the seller will be responsible for returning the incorrect product and shipping the correct product to the buyer at the seller’s expense. The seller is also responsible to deliver the correct quantity ordered, and will be responsible for issuing a refund for product not delivered or sending the correct quantity ordered at the seller’s expense and the buyer’s choice.

Although we cannot control the service quality of third party shipping companies, buyers can help mitigate these issues by allowing plenty of time between purchase and requested delivery date of product. We recommend buyers order their product 2 weeks in advance of requested delivery date to allow the seller time to properly cool a shipper and avoid shipping on weekends and holidays. However, given the fact that a buyer allows enough time for the product to be delivered (including expedited shipping service), the seller is responsible for delivering the product in the proper time frame. It is the seller’s obligation and option to purchase third party insurance to cover errors by the shipping company. For example, if the buyer orders a product, and the seller ships it the day after the product was ordered via UPS Ground, and the shipper arrives 1 week late and consequently is hot, the buyer is entitled to a full refund from the seller. The seller would be responsible for working with UPS to recover any losses of product or equipment. In most instances, shipping companies require additional insurance money to be paid in advance (at the time of shipment) to cover these potential losses. In short, the seller is responsible for delivery of a quality, usable product to the buyer’s door and up to 24 hours after delivery. After 24 hours, the liability of lost or damaged product falls on the shoulders of the buyer. We encourage sellers to be vigilant in getting products out in a timely manner, communicating with buyers, and taking advantage of the shipping insurance options out there. We also encourage buyers to open and unpack the shipper within the 24 hours of delivery to verify everything is correct. If there is a discrepancy, buyers must contact the seller within 24 hours of delivery to ensure the right to receive a refund.

We offer Vendor Profile Management for those people who don’t have the time or desire to manage their own profile. We charge a flat 5% (in addition to the standard 10% commission) on gross sales for this service. We understand that managing inventory levels, volume discounts, and multiple product listings, as well as working with customers can be time consuming. If you are interested in participating in our Vendor Profile Management program, please submit a contact form request on the About page, or call a GENEBROKERS representative at +1 (775) 375-0556.

To get more information on advertising on our site, please submit a contact form request below, or call a GENEBROKERS representative at +1 (775) 375-0556.


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