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Coleman Dixie Erica 8273 X KM Broken Bow 002

Sold by: Pine Coulee Angus

Sire´s Registration Number:

Dam´s Registration Number: 16364789


  • Ships From: Transova Genetics, Sioux Center IA

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  • Straw Size: 1/2 cc

  • Semen Type: Conventional

  • Handling Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

  • Return Policy: This product is covered under our Quality Guarantee Policy. Buyers must submit claims within 24 hours of delivery.


6 IVF embryos. Priced per embryo. Guarantee of 1 pregnancy/3 embryos, or 2/6. Five of these embryos are stage 6 grade 1's and one is a stage 6 grade 2. A favorite in the donor pen, 8273 is the exact type of cow we try to emulate. She is feminine, fertile, and carries a style that she passes on in every calf. She is strong footed, has a good udder, and extremely maternal. Broken Bow is gaining world-wide appeal for his muscle density, depth, balance, and feet. He is a unique calving ease bull that will make his mark on any program. He is currently the only bull in the breed that maintains an EPD spread of BW -1, WW +60, YW +100, with accuracies of .90, .90, and .88. Broken Bow's daughters are proving to be wonderful cows with lots of performance. Embryos will be released to the buyer at Trans Ova Genetics in Sioux Center. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.