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Female Sexed OUTBACK x 56J Embryos

Sold by: Christensen Genetics

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In 1976, the first two Red Wagyu and Akaushi bulls were exported from Japan to the United States. One of those bulls was Judo. Fast forward nearly 50 years, and Judo semen has sold for up to $10,000 for a single unit of semen. Judo offers a complete outcross from the otherwise very closely related Akaushi gene pool. His daughter pictured here (tag 56J, registration FB74775) sports a 0% inbreeding coefficient. Her dam was imported as an embryo from Australia. She traces her maternal lineage directly to Akiko - the dam of the legendary Big Al. This elite donor was flushed to FEMALE SEXED semen from JMK Outback 298D (FB28832). Outback is a direct son of the rare and difficult to find Kotsukari, whose semen has sold for up to $7500 for a single straw. Only THREE heifer sexed embryos from this elite mating are available. If your goal is to build up your herd with rare and valuable heifers that are dual registrable and an outcross to the Red Wagyu or Akaushi gene pool, these are the embryos for you! The heifer calves that will result from these embryos will be worth significantly more than what it will cost you to own them. Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 to get them headed your way before someone else does!