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Sold by: Christensen Genetics

Sire´s Registration Number: AP230193


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  • Straw Size: 1/2 cc

  • Semen Type: Conventional

  • Handling Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

  • This product can be exported to the following countries Canada Mexico

  • Return Policy: This product is covered under our Quality Guarantee Policy. Buyers must submit claims within 24 hours of delivery.

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Why AI to Davy Crockett? 1. FREE SHIPPING AND VOLUME DEALS. 10 units = free shipping, 20 units = 20% off, 50 units = 50% off! 2. INCREASED FERTILITY. Davy Crockett semen is frozen at 40 million sperm cells per unit, compared to 16 - 25 million sperm cells per unit in most straws. 3. PROVEN CALVING EASE. Davy calves have been born unassisted from Idaho to New York, from Montana to Texas, and everywhere in between! 4. LESS HORNS. Dehorning is a time-consuming and unpleasant experience for both us and the cattle. Get less horns in your calf crop when breeding to this POLLED Akaushi stud! 5. BETTER MANNERS. Davy, his dam, and his sisters are among the easiest animals to handle in our entire program. You can bank on the docility with Davy Crockett! 6. MORE MARBLING. Davy's dam is the NUMBER ONE Akaushi female for actual %IMF in our ENTIRE program! She scans beyond prime+ while eating ONLY grass and hay - no corn! To order semen on Davy Crockett, Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988, or visit!