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SMC ELEVATE Reg # 20080009 Exportable

Sire's Registration Number : 20080009


QTY available: 250+

Straw Size: 1/2 cc

Semen Type: Conventional

Ships From: Hoffman AI logan

Handling Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

Return Policy: This product is covered under our Quality Guarantee Policy. Buyers must submit claims within 24 hours of delivery.

CSS Certified: Yes


Smc Elevate 20080009 the $40,000 lead off and top saler at 2022 South mountain cattle spring sale.
Elevate is a true breed changer with his Pap at -3.79, perfect management,calve ease, energy and growth like no other bull we’ve seen this spring.
Elevate is the perfect choice for saving females.
This is a bull that will improve any cow you mate him with. Order now!!! Semen is limited due to demand.

Contact vendor for shipping details.

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